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Practice Areas

Domestic Violence

Including domestic abuse, child abuse/endangerment and restraining order cases.

Gang Crimes

Relentless defense in all gang-related crimes, from assault to armed robbery to homicide.

Sex Crimes

Including confidential, aggressive defense against charges involving Internet sex crimes, rape (date rape, statutory rape) and other sex offenses.


Including defense against simple or aggravated assault, stalking, harassment or other violence.

White Collar Crime

Sophisticated representation for clients facing charges involving embezzlement, Internet and environmental crimes.

Juvenile Crimes

Including cases involving shoplifting, underage drinking, sexual assault and other charges.

Experienced Criminal Trial Lawyers

As a family practice, Harmon & Harmon brings consistent, experienced criminal defense assistance to clients in Southern California. Steven Harmon’s legal experience spans three decades and has resulted in his being named to the Daily Journal’s 2003 list of top 100 lawyers in the state of California. Since 2000, Chris Harmon has been working in criminal defense with his father, building upon the tradition of effective service that the firm has come to be known for. Both attorneys are active members of the Riverside Bar Association.

Firm Partners

Steven L. Harmon

Steve Harmon has been practicing exclusively in the area of criminal defense for over 30 years. During the course of his career he has defended clients accused of crimes ranging from complex felonies to misdemeanors. Mr. Harmon has defended many serious cases in his career, including death penalty cases, complex white-collar and corporate cases, and large drug conspiracy cases. He also successfully, represented and fought for the inmates of the Riverside County Jail in litigation concerning overcrowding and poor jail conditions.

Christopher B.Harmon

Christopher Harmon has been working in the field of criminal defense for the last several years. As a team working together on all of their cases the Harmons are able to offer their clients the services of two lawyers. This allows them to provide aggressive representation with a particular attention to detail unmatched in the industry. Already, as a father-son team, both Harmons have successfully helped many people through the agonizing and difficult process of the criminal justice system.


The Legality of the Video Game Black Market


The world has seen a rise in commerce in many facets of life. It’s hard to believe that a decade ago the internet was still in its infancy – all of the tech giants that now influence daily life were just getting started in the now famous garages. Companies like Amazon now are so ingrained in our lives that the founder, Jeff Bezos has now surpassed Bill Gates as the richest man in the world. Given this new economy that has been created a new market that has yet to be regulated by the law. The increasing popularity of the internet has caused a huge increase in time spent online. Today’s topic will be on the emergence of the Video Game black market economy.

If you’re a video gamer, you know how crazy the fads have been over the past decade. Games like Maplestory, World of  Warcraft, and Runescape are just some of the few popular MMO’s (Massively Multiple Online) games that have struck the hearts of many gamers. As people invest more and more time of their days into these games, the value they place on various in game items has become tangible. The video game black market has now become a billion dollar industry that sees steady growth year after year. Players in these games are now reaching a point in their lives where they have access to disposable income to spend on sought after items in these games. The Riverside team has reached out to one of the largest Runescape Gold sites for an exclusive look in the world of video game real world trading.

Nexus is the operator at RSgoldstop.com. He lives in Venezuela, a country where the minimum wage is so low that he is able to make a living flipping in game gold (known as RS3 GP) by purchasing in bulk from large scale suppliers and then reselling at retail to individual gamers. We asked him, who are most of your customers and why do they buy gold? The answer we received was simple: gamers that buy gold are all lovers of the game. Some of them buy rs gold to show off to their friends and others will buy gold to finally obtain the items they dream about. In all, the website serves as an avenue to provide accessibility to otherwise unobtainable items. As an added benefit of being a customer on the site, customers also receive access to articles that include free RS3 moneymaking guides. The truth is, as long as people place value in an item, there will be a market.

In addition to e-commerce sites like RSgoldstop, there have been a increase in entrepreneurial minded individuals who stream the game or make informative videos for players to consume. Platforms like Youtube and Twitch have allowed many gamers to make money by playing video games. Truth be told, the market for video games and other online businesses has just begin. As the world becomes more dependent on fast and easy communication via the internet, the market will continue to bloom. With this trend, comes the issue of legality. Video game studios are arguing that these black market transactions are effectively intellectual property theft. The law has yet to adapt to this market so until a precedent is set, the market will remain in a grey area. The law has to place actual value on these pixel items before any damages can be claimed. Until that is established we see no reason to condemn these video game e-commerce sites for capturing a market that has yet to be claimed.


History of the Women’s Rights Movement



There have been staggering changes observed in women that have come up over many generations in the family life, employment, education and in the government. The changes didn’t just happen but women themselves were behind these changes. Women have come up with means like petition drives, meetings, nonviolent resistance and public speaking to affect the changes. The Women’s Right’s Movement is currently celebrated across nations. The movement also has its amazing story just like any other stories.

The launching of the revolution

On July 13, 1848, the movement was launched on a summer day in New York. A young wife, Elizabeth Cady got the invitation for tea with the other four women friends. She was not satisfied with the limitations placed on her by the new democracy of America. Women had not yet won their freedom as they had to go through risky issues during this time. The other friends agreed with Elizabeth that the American society would benefit if women were given more chances in the society. They, therefore, agreed to have a large-scale program to effectively see their demands heard.

The first convention of women’s rights

women rights

At this point, the sentiments of the women were met one by one but after a few amendments. However, the resolution that women should be allowed to vote during elections was inconceivable. However, Fredrick Douglass; a rich orator commented that women had the right to liberty just as the slaves. The women were favored since the resolution won the votes in the end. They agreed to use means like employment of agents, tracts circulation and petitions to see their work was accepted and not ridiculed.

The beginning of the backlash

The declaration of their sentiments was not accepted by many people and therefore the press took part in it. they ridiculed the sentiments and in particular, the ninth one that talked about voting of women. The movement at this point was one day old but the backlash had begun. The whole text of the sentiments was published as a means of ridicule bearing the names of people who signed it. some were embarrassed and decided to withdraw their signature as people from the cities joined in the discussion of the movement.

Movement expands

The conventions of women’s rights were held severally from 1850 till the beginning of the civil war. The meetings drew large crowds of people who ended up being turned away due to lack of spaces in the meetings. Women like Elizabeth, Lucy Stone, and others traveled the country giving lectures and organizing for a period of forty years. They had great achievements even though they had challenges like limited resources

After winning the vote

The National American Woman Suffrage Association was reconfigured to let women voters ensure that women took part in voting. In 1923, Alice Paul drafted an amendment on equal rights where men and women took part in voting. The second wave of activism took place in 1960 where the public was conscious of this right hence various segments of the population were pulled to the movement.

Living the legacy

After a series of challenges to the women who started the movement, the movement had now made progress in almost all the places that were addressed by Elizabeth. Women had gotten the right to vote after 150 years and also they were elected for public offices in all the levels of the government. Women in the present world are living a legacy of the rights of women that was achieved by women from seven generations before us.


How many laws are there in the United States?


The Americans followed the English law during the American Revolutionary War, which is why most of the law followed in the United States are derived from the English law itself. However, the Americans ensured that their law has more of an American touch to it, which led to the further amendments. These amendments were dutifully thought over and considered before being incorporated into the law. The current American Law is the amalgamation of the age-old English Law and the American civil law innovations.

The law in America is derived from five sources –

  • Constitutional law
  • Statutory law
  • Common law
  • Administrative Regulations
  • Treaties

The legal system in the United States is multi-tiered. The Constitution is the guideline on the basis of which the federal law is created. This federal law includes acts which are approved by the Congress, treaties ratified by the Senate, amendments proposed by the executive branch and various case laws that stream from the federal judiciary.

The process of creating a law in America is pretty simple – anything that goes against what the constitution states are invalid and does not secure its place in the American law. The American system of law is precisely how any systematic system of law would be, with the Legislative making the rules, the Executive implementing these laws and the judiciary doing their best to protect these laws. Many statutes in the federal law give the executive the power to create laws, which is a plus point because the executive is that face of the law which is in most interaction with the general public, and it is the executive which knows what laws to formulate to cater to the ever-changing needs of the citizens.

The Federal Law:
Better known as the constitution, the Federal law has main aspects concerning the nation under its wings. You can easily find all laws related to the intellectual property, foreign relations, money matters, trade and commerce, military and others under the purview of the federal law.

The State Law:
Typically, all 50 states of America have their own state laws, which of course, are well within what the constitution permits. It is indeed a surprising fact that every state has amended and formulated their respective laws according to their requirements, and now, no American state has the same state law. These state laws are not subject to any federal interpretations and, every court sitting in any respective state has to interpret the State law in the manner prescribed by that very state – which makes it pretty clear that the state interpretation overrides the federal interpretation of the state law.

The United States Congress passes these acts and undergo a three-step process to finally find their place in the United States Code, which is a compilation of all the statutes that are passed by the Congress. The three steps are – slip laws, session laws and finally codification.

Administrative regulations:
These are laws created by the federal agencies and the executive and find their way into the Code of Federal Regulations. The governmental regulations include permanent and general regulations, which undergo a series of procedures before they are finally approved and codified.

Common law:
There is no federal common law, and common law can be created as per the needs of the case. Only aspects to consider while creating these precedents are public policy and fundamental fairness. In the absence of any guidelines, the federal law, or the other sources of law can always be consulted, and then such precedents can be created.





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